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Classes available for children & adults.

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Adult Classes



Beginners Cupcake Class

       Beginners Cupcake Class

Shabby Chic Cupcake Decorating Class

             Shabby Chic Class

Vintage Cupcake Class

         Vintage Cupcake Class

Jungle Animal Cupcake Class

          Jungle Animal Class

Farm Animal Cupcake Class

             Farm Animal Class

Garden Bug Cupcake Decorating Class

               Garden Bug Class

"Cath Kinston" Inspired Cupcake Decorating Class

    “Cath Kidston” Inspired Class

Flower Garden Class

         Flower Garden Class

Teddy Bear's Picnic Cupcake Decorating Class

        Teddy Bear’s Picnic Class

Sugar Lace Cupcake Class

                  Sugar Lace Class

Baking Miniature Cupcake Classes

        Baking Miniature  Class

Afternoon Tea Class

              Afternoon Tea Class

Christmas characters class

         Christmas Characters Class

Christmas Miniatures Cupcake Decorating Class

      Christmas Miniatures Class

Summer Holiday Cupcake Decorating Class

  Summer Holiday Class

Baby Shower Cupcake Class

     Baby Shower Class

The London Cupcake Class

       The London Cupcake Class


Farm Animal Fondant Modelling

Farm Animal Fondant Modelling



Children’s Classes

Mothers Day Parent & Child Cupcake Class

Mothers Day Adult  & Child  Class

Princess Parent & Child Cupcake Class

    Princess Adult & Child Class

Parent & Child Wild Animal Class

   Wild Animal  Adult & Child Class

Parent & Child Farm Animal Class Cupcake Class

 Farm Animal Adult & Child Class 

Parent & Child Valentine Cupcake Decorating Class

    Valentine Adult & Child Class

Easter Parent & Child Cupcake Decorating Class

      Easter Adult & Child Class

Summer Holiday Cupcake Class

Summer Holiday Adult & Child  Class

Halloween Parent & Child Cupcake Class

     Halloween Adult & Child Class

Parent & Child Christmas Cupcake Class

     Christmas Adult & Child  Class

Space Themed Cupcake Class

        Space Adult & Child Class