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Classes available for children & adults.

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Classes available for children & adults

With over 18 adult classes and over 10 classes for children there is a wonderful variety.  Wether your a beginner, a hobby baker or looking to improve your sugar craft skills for a special occasion, take a look and find a class to suit you!



** Lady Berry Designs are NOT for reteaching they are covered by copyrights.**

If reproducing, duplicating, copy or otherwise credit must be given each and every time.

Adult Classes

Beginners Cupcake Decorating Class

Beginners Cupcake Class

The Ladies Class

Ladies Class

Vintage Cupcake Class

Vintage Cupcake Class

Jungle Animal Faces Cupcake Class

Jungle Animal Faces Class

Farm Faces Animal Cupcake Class

 Farm Animal Faces Class

Farm Animal Cupcake Class

Farm Animal Modelling Class

"Cath Kidston" Inspired Class

“Cath Kidston” Inspired Class

The London Cupcake Class

The London Cupcake Class

Lady Berry Roses Class

Easter Cupcake Class

Easter  Class

Afternoon Tea Cupcakes

Afternoon Tea

Pixies & Fairies Cupcake Class

The Little Enchanted Garden Class

Teddy Bear Cupcakes class

Teddy Bears Picnic

Lady Berry Cupcakes

Baking Miniatures

Cameos & Roses Cupcake Class

Cameos & Roses Class

Jungle Modelling Cupcake Class

Jungle Modelling Class

Gingerbread House Class

Gingerbread House Class

Cupcake Cottage Class

Cupcake Cottage Class

Miniature Food Cupcake Class

The Foodie Class

Little Characters Cupcake Class

Little Characters Class

Baby Shower Cupcake Class

Baby Shower Class

Summer Cupcake Class

Summer Holiday Class

The Cake Decorators Cupcake Miniatures Class

Little Cake Decorator Class

Christmas Miniatures Cupcake Decorating Class

Christmas Miniatures Class

Pretty Little Christmas Class

Pretty Little Christmas Class

Christmas Dinner Class

Christmas Modelling Class

Christmas Modelling Class

Pastel Christmas Cupcakes

Pastel Christmas Class

Christmas characters class

Christmas Faces Class

Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas Characters Class

Children’s Classes

Parent & Child Cupcake Class

Mothers  Day Family Class

Princess Parent & Child Cupcake Class

Princess Family Class

Family Jungle Cupcake Class

Wild Animal Family Class

Farm Animal Class

Farm Animal Family Class

Parent & Child Valentine Cupcake Decorating Class

Valentine Family Class

Easter Parent & Child Cupcake Decorating Class

Easter Family Class

Summer Holiday Cupcake Class

Summer Holiday Family Class

Halloween Parent & Child Cupcake Class

Halloween Family Class

magical unicorn class

Magical Family Class

Space Themed Cupcake Class

Space Family Class

Mermaid Family Class

Cupcakes For Every Occassion

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Angeline Crowley