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Lady Berry Guide Bundle

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Start your  new year off with a bundle of advice and guidance about baking,butter creaming, piping,  storing, selling, marketing your own cakes and bakes! The baking guide, The cake business guide and The how to build your social media = 78 pages!

My guide collection teaches you everything I have learnt over the last 6 years of running Lady Berry Cupcakes, tips and tricks of what really works and what not to do!

These 3 guides would be £40+ but as a bundle they are only £30!

The Cake Business Guide

If your running a cake business or thinking of running your own cake business this guide will prove helpful.  If your feeling a little over whelmed with things and don’t really know where to start, maybe your concerned about pricing, the legal stuff and running a business from home. This guide will answer a lot of those questions, including:

  • Getting started with running your own cake business.
  • Deciding on your target market/ audience.
  • How to stand out from other cake businesses and be unique.
  • Managing the finances of your business day to day
  • The importance of branding your business effectively and how to do this.
  • How, where and when to advertise.
  • The day to day costs you need to  take into to consideration.
  • Getting a baking routine.
  • The equipment your really need.
  • How to comply with the legal stuff (food hygiene, insurance)
  • Valuable suggested reading that will help you stay on the right track.

How To Grown Your Social Media

I now have over 200,000K followers across social media and hers how I built my audience.

– Suggested apps thats will make for fabulous content.
– Idea’s for discovering your niche style.
– How to engage with your audience.
– Presentation for your posts.
– Water making your work and why.
– How to repost and why to repost yours and others work.
– Video compilations
and much more……

Baking Guide

This is a super useful guide to creating beautiful cupcakes! Im often asked about tips on baking, flavouring, storing and the recipe for my cupcakes. so I have created this guide to help answer all those questions and more. It includes oodles of useful tips to guide you through baking the perfect cupcakes. It includes information on:

  •  The Lady Berry Cupcake Recipe for 14 cupcakes (average)
  •   Ingredients, which to choose and why.
  •   Key equipment, the equipment that really helps.
  •   Tips for baking the perfect cupcakes.
  •   How and where to store your cupcakes.
  •   Creating the perfect buttercream.
  •   Tips and tricks to piping.
  •   How to avoid peeling cases.
  •   Cake portion guides
  •   Tips on colouring your buttercream & fondant.

Use the PDF guides as and when you fancy.

The guide includes the recipe for vanilla cupcakes and buttercream.

**Please make sure you download this guide to a computer before it expires!**

Once your have bought this guide You will be e-mailed a link to download your guide….. then you can get started creating fabulous social media content for your own business!